MYTH #1 - It won't happen
to me...


The truth is that none of us are going to get out of here alive.

But what if preparing yourself could help you to live a better life? or maybe even change your life?


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Honour Your Life Protect your family A Perfect Ending Website
A Perfect Ending provides mentoring and support as you explore and define the personal values that give your life meaning. These form your "ethical legacy" and are the foundation of your unique end-of-life plan. As you start putting your affairs in order and having conversations with family members, you will feel a huge sense of relief. This is a gift as well for your family and loved ones.

A Perfect Ending Website (the webcrafters are at work)
A Perfect Ending aims to become the go-to guide for explorers of the end-of-life frontier. We are excited to present to you soon a friendly and safe place to share ideas and stories with fellow travellers and find the latest information resources and services to empower and inspire you to plan your journey... your way.

I have done my will, and my finances, and have had some conversations with my wife. I was glad to learn more about green burials. I 'm Jewish and have special concerns and wishes that I need to let my family know about.
- Harold Kasinsky, retired University Professor